Hou Hui from FLTRP Wins the Rights Professional Award 2017 at London Book Fair


Congratulations to Ms. Hou Hui who has won the Rights Professional Award for “her success in bringing Chinese books to a broad international market through innovative partnerships whether in print or digital”.

The winners of International Excellence Awards 2017, in association with The Publishers Association, have been announced at a prestigious awards ceremony held on 14th March, 2017, the first day of the London Book Fair. Ms. Hou Hui, the International Director of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Publishing Co., Ltd (FLTRP), won the Rights Professional Award 2017. Lucy Vanderbilt, the head of International Rights from Harper Collins UK, presented the award to Fan Xiaohong, Vice President of FLTRP who represented Hou Hui to receive the reward. FLTRP is the only Chinese company who is on the final winners’ list of the 2017 International Excellence Awards.

*Hou Hui won the Rights Professional Awards in London

Hou Hui joined FLTRP in 2004. For more than 10 years, she has committed herself to the establishment of innovative partnerships around the world, and is now leading a team of over 10 rights managers. In 2016, FLTRP sold the license of 110 titles to other countries, among which 35 titles were sold to the Belt and Road countries.


                         *Houhui                                                              *Lucy Vanderbilt (left) and Fan Xiaohong(right)

The Rights Professional Award is for the first time included in the International Excellence Awards which is comprised of 16 awards in various categories this year. There are three nominees from China for the International Excellence Awards 2017, and FLTRP won two of the three nominees which are the Rights Professional Award and the Educational Initiatives Award.

*The Trophy