The Sound of Salt Forming: Short Stories by the Post-80s Generation in China
Geng Song, Qingxiang Yang

This anthology contains 16 short stories by this generation of Chinese writers and a critical introduction. It will be the very first collection of the “Post-1980” writers in English. The stories are selected based on two factors: quantifiably widespread appeal (confirmed through circulation/readership figures, etc.) and particular significance for study of contemporary Chinese literature and/or society. It thus opens a window for the outside world to see works by this generation and the life of urban youth in contemporary China. Han Han and Guo Jingming, however, are not included due to various reasons (copyright issues, disputes about the authorship of Han Han’s works, etc.). “Post-1980” also connotes a constructed lifestyle of this “new generation” in urban China, which is partially characterized by consumerism, hedonism and the pursuit of a cosmopolitan identity in a global era. Most stories in the book are vivid depictions of this lifestyle. The book therefore will become a must-read for understanding the subjectivity and lifestyle of this generation of Chinese.

About the Author

The editors of the book are internationally leading scholars in the fields of contemporary Chinese literature, cultural studies and translation studies. Geng Song is Associate Professor in the School of Chinese, University of Hong Kong, where he teaches English-Chinese translation and Sinology. He has authored and edited five books, in both English and Chinese, and has published extensively on contemporary Chinese society and culture in such prestigious journals as Modern China, The China Journal, Asian Studies Review, etc. Qingxiang Yang is a renowned writer, literary critic and scholar of contemporary Chinese literature in Beijing. He is Associate Professor in the School of Liberal Arts, Renmin University of China. His research interest focuses on the “Post-1980” generation of Chinese writers and has produced a number of monographs and journal articles in this area. The team of translators of this project includes professors and scholars of Chinese literature, professional translators, journalists and postgraduate students. They are all qualified and experienced practitioners of Chinese-English literary translation and most of them are native speakers of English.