BFSU Launches WayPal, Its K12 Online English Education Brand


 On August 18th 2017, WayPal English held its shareholder agreement signing ceremony at the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) Maker’s Space, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) Science Park. Three representatives of the constituent shareholders, Ms Fan Xiaohong, Vice President of FLTRP and General Manager of BFSU International Education Group, Mr Colin Chen, Chairman of InterGreat Education Group and, and Mr Liu Jiabin, Chairman of Changeya Information & Technology Co., and over fifty guests witnessed the ceremony. The founding of WayPal English marks the first step for BFSU entering the K12 online English education market.


WayPal English is based on the international vision of BFSU and FLTRP, and supported by BFSU International Education School and E-PLUS for K-12 BFSU for their excellence in English teaching methods and curriculum development. With FLTRP’s rich resources in English teaching and reading, InterGreat’s native English teachers, and Changeya’s Internet technology and operational system, WayPal aims to promote and fulfil its “Big R” methodology in English learning. And WayPal believes that with a smart pal in a great way, superior English will be naturally acquired by the K12 students.

WayPal English is a company focused on online K12 English language and literacy education. With blended learning based on the “Big R” methodology, and supported by experienced native English teachers, WayPal English will not only scaffold the comprehensive English language skills of the K12 students, but also nurture their integrated competence in knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, cultural awareness and understanding, etc. The brand name WayPal means that with the company of a smart pal in the right way, children will have a better chance to realize their dreams of becoming a competent learner and qualified 21st century citizen.

The key of WayPal English is the “Big R” methodology, which consists of Smart R (one-to-one teaching), Great R (extra-curricular self-reading) and Super R (academic reading). The online platform applies gamification to help children pick up the habit of reading. WayPal distinguishes itself from other platforms in having FLTRP’s brand, UK teacher resources and web development ability. FLTRP provides English teaching and reading resources, InterGreat brings the best native English teachers, and Changeya offers first-rate IT solutions, branding and operational ability. E-PLUS for K-12 BFSU, an offline English education brand established by FLTRP and BFSU, allows WayPal to start from an advanced position in terms of user base and teaching experience needed for the platform.

During the ceremony, the speakers took the opportunity to discuss the current market situation and future trends for online English education. Below are the main points of some excerpts’ speeches.


Vice President of FLTRP, General Manager of BFSU International Education Group and Chairman of WayPal English, Ms Fan Xiaohong: “Bridging online and offline English education with WayPal.”

With the ever-increasing influence of technology on everyday lives, most businesses are actively or passively building both online and offline operations. Offline education is about the learning environment, which helps students become accustomed to learning, practising social interaction and communication, and growing as young people, with interaction and teamwork as the common thread. Online education should be enriched by gamification, different forms of media, one-to-one learning with foreign teachers and study milestones. These elements should meet with students’ expectations for digital experiences and satisfy the requirements for personalised education.

Chairman of Changeya Information & Technology Co. and CEO of WayPal English, Mr Liu Jiabin: “We are doing real online education!”

China’s online English education industry is experiencing a significant boost. The exploration of one-to-one, one-to-many and other innovative online classroom permutations by a great number of organizations is proved to be very popular among parents. The current situation for online English education is that of a typical Internet+ industry; online videos, big data, AI and other techniques are applied to solve the problems such as the lack of native English teachers, adoption of regular study habits and optimisation of the learning process. The Internet not only offers solutions to the above-mentioned problems, but also provides a way for parents to learn through social networking and online communities.

Dean of BFSU International Education Group and Professor at BFSU, Ms Cao Wen: “‘Big R’ is the fundamental path for learning English.”


“Big R” isn’t just about reading. The application of books is just a kick-off of the learning journey, which brings together all facets of the language learning process, including speaking, listening, reading and writing. The concept adheres to the language acquisition and knowledge development styles of children during the K12 stage. Learning starts with listening, speaking, reading and writing, and moves on to memorising, and upgrades to language creation. This is not merely about language ability, but development in terms of knowledge, critical thinking, cultural awareness and other non-cognitive skills and competency.

InterGreat Education Group and WayPal Director, Ms Olivia Bo: “Learning with English teachers from the UK is one of the best choices for Chinese students.”

A well-developed network of native English teachers is the foundation of WayPal, and is one of the key areas for any online English teaching platform in the market.

InterGreat Education Group, founded in the United Kingdom, has been involved in the education industry and UK-China cultural exchange programmes for numerous years, and as such has developed a mature and successful teacher recruitment and management system.

We believe that a true understanding of the English language is connected to its original development in the UK and that the traditional British values of education in which “every child is important” is suitable for online education. Traditional British education focuses on social responsibility and character development. WayPal’s use of teachers from British schools not only helps students adopt a native-like British accent more easily, but also enables them to have a chance to be familiar with the British teaching style and the British culture.

Also, the UK’s favourable situation of being 7 or 8 hours behind China in terms of time difference means that teachers from the UK are well-suited to meet with the demands set by Chinese students and parents.

Finally, another point to emphasise is that one of the fundament parts of WayPal is “Pal”. Our teacher recruitment not only focuses on teaching experience, but also looks for teachers willing to be mentors on students’ English learning journey. We have many examples of teachers inviting parents and students to visit them in the UK, offering an opportunity to gain new cultural experiences and to improve the bond between student and teacher.

E-PLUS for K-12 BFSU Principal and WayPal English Director, Mr Wu Kan: “WayPal brings the best of combining native English teachers and Chinese teachers.”

The best way for children to learn English is with a combination of native English teachers and Chinese teachers. Chinese teachers are able to understand accurately the problems faced by Chinese students when learning English, offering more systematic and targeted English teaching. Native English-speaking teachers can spark the interest of students, cultivate language senses, enhance culture comprehension, and quicken fluency attainment. We believe because of the lack of qualified native English teachers in China, WayPal is able to use our combined teaching approach to create something truly beneficial for Chinese parents and students.

Vice President of WayPal English, Ms Ji Jinqiu: “Good English comes through reading!”

A child’s application of listening, speaking, reading and writing is a true reflection of his or her overall language ability. Language acquisition through reading is now starting to be understood, accepted and put into practice by the new generation of middle class families in China. WayPal English is starting on a path paved by the vast experience in education practice and academic development of BFSU and FLTRP. Learning habits and overall ability will be the two key pillars of WayPal, making use of lessons, games, tests, events and competitions to create a “Big R” online community to bring about the goal of learning, communicating and developing through reading.

Reporters at the event raised questions about WayPal’s positioning and strategy in the market. WayPal’s CEO, Mr Liu Jiabin, answered as follows:


With fierce competition in the online English education industry, why WayPal decides to enter the market now?

First, with lots of demand in the market, the market for online English education is growing, but immature. There is space for new models and demands for better service. Most importantly, however, is that we believe this market calls for an organisation led by people who really understand the concepts of English education. WayPal’s core-competitiveness is its resources and marketing ability. The “Big R” methodology will bring benefits to English learners.

When will WayPal go live?

WayPal’s domain name is After six months of curriculum and system development and three months of a closed alpha testing stage, WayPal is currently in its beta testing phase with a launch date prediction in mid-September.