FLTRP and Iztok-Zapad Publishers Co-Sponsor a Book Launch during FLTRP's First Attendance of Sofia International Book Fair


On December 12th 2017, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), the only representative of publishers in China, attended the Sofia International Book Fair held in Bulgaria. FLTRP exhibited more than 130 titles at the fair, and drew great attention from the Bulgarian readers.


*FLTRP’s stand at the Sofia International Book Fair

During the fair, FLTRP in association with Iztok-Zapad Publishers, a well-known Bulgarian publisher, sponsored a book launch for the Bulgarian version of five titles, including Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture I (paperback), A Dream of Red Mansions II, The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants II, Insights into Chinese Culture, and Concise Chinese Dictionary. These new books are the first achievement of the China-Theme Editorial Department co-established by FLTRP and Iztok-Zapad. Mr. Han Pei, Editorial Director of the China-Theme Editorial Department and a distinguished Bulgarian sinologist, has completed the translation and proofreading of quite a few works. Ms. Velizara Dobreva, Chairwoman of the Bulgarian Book Association, spoke highly of FLTRP’s participation, which not only added Chinese elements into the exhibition, but also promoted the communication between Chinese and Bulgarian publishers.


*FLTRP in association with Iztok-Zapad Publishers co-sponsor a book launch


*There are five Bulgarian version titles being shown at the Sofia International Book Fair

The FLTRP delegation met with Professor Denkov, Head of the Philosophy Department of Sofia University, Dr. Antonia Tsankova, Chief Editor of the Bulgarian version of Discover China, and several other experts, for the purpose of discussing on-going projects and prospects for future collaboration. Moreover, the delegation introduced the development as well as the latest international projects of FLTRP to Bulgarian readers on Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgarian National Television programs, and in the interview by the Xinhua News Agency in Bulgaria.


*Ms. Hou Hui, Director of the International Division of FLTRP,

is recording a culture program on Bulgarian National Television


*FLTRP and Iztok-Zapad Publishers are discussing the publishing plan

of the China-Theme Editorial Department for 2018-2020

For the past few years, actively responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, FLTRP has quickened the implementation of “Going global” strategies in Central and Eastern Europe and expanded its publishing business with local publishers. Currently, China-Theme Editorial Departments have already been established and are in operation locally in Bulgaria and Poland, and a new branch will soon be set up in Hungary. With abundant experience in multi-lingual publishing and advantages in international cooperation, FLTRP will continue to actively respond to the request of “telling China stories to the world and expanding the influence of Chinese culture”, as was raised in the 19th CPC National Congress, and to further develop its business in Central and Eastern Europe in the fields of publishing, education and cultural and creative products.

Members of the FLTRP delegation include Ms. Hou Hui, Director of the International Division of FLTRP, Ms. Zou Xiaobai, Deputy General Manager of the Belt and Road Language Service Center and Ms. Zhang Jiaqi, Coordinator of Central and Eastern Europe Project.