An Introduction to Practical Thai
Wu Yinghui

An Introduction to Practical Thai is a short-term training textbook for learners who are going to work or learn in Thailand, especially for Chinese language teachers or learners. Based on the needs of people who work, live or study in Thailand, the textbook includes a lot of authentic and practical content to solve language communication problems and difficulties in the real world. The textbook gives priority to listening and speaking and puts the emphasis on the training of oral expressions. IPA is attached to all the sentences, which is very convenient for those who want to learn by themselves. Ten short Thai essays that introduce Chinese culture have been provided and can be used by learners in working, learning, travelling, everyday life and other environments.

About the Author

Wu Yinghui, professor and dean of the Department of Postgraduate Education, Minzu University of China, has been working on international cooperation and communication of higher education and the administration of teaching Chinese as a foreign language for over a decade. He is the pioneer in the international promotion of Chinese language, as well as an active participant and eyewitness. He has published more than 40 essays home and abroad, 6 of which are published in the US, and also a monograph.