Size:260 x 184mm


Easy Steps to Chinese Music: Erhu
Zhao Hanyang, Zhao Yuanchuan

The book consists of ten units, and one unit comprises four lessons. Each lesson explains a particular technique with a brief textual introduction and accompanying pictures, together with a short characteristic composition that epitomizes traditional Chinese music. The course has been established on the premise whereon a learner starting from scratch can reach Level-5 within a year, according to the off-campus music exam levels of CCOM. To enable a better understanding of the erhu, five classic erhu compositions have been appended to the book. Students are encouraged to appreciate, practice and perform these pieces. Moreover, the instructional videos accompanying the book give the gist of each lesson, and include the etudes and demonstrations of the five appended compositions, hence a helpful reference for students in learning the instrument and an important guide for teachers.

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