FLTRP-Malaysia Mandarin Center Settles down in Kuala Lumpur, a New Chapter for China-ASEAN International Chinese Educational Cooperation


On 16th June, 2018, “FLTRP-Malaysia Mandarin Center”, jointly established by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) and EDU Mandarin Classroom, was formally signed and opened in Kuala Lumpur. Fan Xiaohong, Vice President of FLTRP, Miao Qiang, General Manager of International Chinese Publishing Center, Qian Jinyi, General Manager of EDU Mandarin Classroom and other people attended this signing and opening ceremony.


Fan Xiaohong and Qian Jinyi sign the agreement

Built in 2005, EDU Mandarin Classroom is a learning center for Mandarin as the second language. At present, it is carrying out both online and offline Mandarin training projects in many districts of Kuala Lumpur; it provides HSK services for local students and sells books on Chinese as a foreign language published by Chinese publishers.

Reaching a consensus about starting a “FLTRP-Malaysia Mandarin Center” together early this year, the two parties will seek cooperation in such fields as Mandarin training, summer camps to China, publishing and book distribution on Chinese as a foreign language, and collecting market statistics. Prior to the signing ceremony, both parties have exchanged ideas about the trend for markets of Mandarin learning in ASEAN countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. They also discussed about the translation and publication of several books. As planned, they will begin to translate and publish the Malaysian edition of HSK series in the near future.


The launch of FLTRP-Malaysia Chinese Center

Qian said, “As China's Belt and Road Initiative is carried out further, Mandarin is gaining importance year on year with a growing demand. The Mandarin classroom hopes to expand the Malaysian market for Mandarin education with the help of abundant resources and powerful brand effects of FLTRP, as well as EDU Mandarin Classroom's local competence in channels and operation. Fan responded, “FLTRP thanks EDU Mandarin Classroom for its trust and support. As the southeastern country with the highest ratio of overseas Chinese, Malaysia always stands at the leading position in Mandarin education. And it has been gaining an increasingly higher status in the whole ASEAN education market. Meanwhile, as to the market scale and operation mode, EDU Mandarin Classroom will become an example for the Southeast Asia and even the whole Asian market. On the cooperative platform, Mandarin classroom will join hands with FLTRP to provide more quality educational services and resources to Mandarin learners across Malaysia, and even around the ASEAN. ”