The Dragon Beards Versus the Blueprints —Symposium on Contemporary Chinese Literature (Bilingual)
Xiao Qian

Displays the author's deep contemplations on the grand themes such as cultural exchanges between China and the West, the relationship between literature and war, and so on. The author's convincing judgment of the status and tendency of Western literature highlights the distinctive characteristics of Chinese literature under the circumstances of that time, thus forming a positive contrast and allowing the Western writers and social observers to read Chinese literature more fairly

and objectively.

About the Author

Xiao Qian (1910-1999), Chinese essayist, journalist and translator. Xiao Qian has turned out some famous feature articles and wartime writings and translated important works of European literature into Chinese, e.g. books and plays by William Shakespeare, Stephen Leacock and Henrik Ibsen. With his wife Wen Jieruo, he has translated Ulysses by James Joyce into Chinese.