Into Chinese Culture (Colour Illustrated Edition
Cheng Yuzhen

As a comprehensive guide to the long-lasting and

profound Chinese culture, the book is a popular choice

for introducing the basics of Chinese culture to its

readers. Since its publication in 1998, it has been revised

4 times and reprinted 40 times. Furthermore, over 50

universities and institutions in China have used the

book as a professional textbook or a reading material. In

2015, the book was selected by the State Administration

of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television as one

of the “Most Recommended Books for Popularizing

Excellent Traditional Culture”.

About the Author

Cheng Yuzhen graduated from the School of Chinese Language and Culture, Peking University. As one of the first group of teachers who were trained by the country to teach Chinese as a foreign language, he taught at Lao-China Friends School, Laos, and at Istituto Universitario Orientale di NAPOLI, Naples, Italy. Before retirement, he was a professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University and lectured on the Chinese language and culture. He wrote Dictionary of Chinese Historical Relics , Overview on Chinese Antithetical Couplets in Scenic Spots, and was the chief editor ofO verview on Chinese Academics, History of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language after the Founding of PRC.