American Nature Writing
Cheng Hong

This comprehensive book on American nature writing introduces the

reader to how American nature writing develops, and gives a systematic

and telling review of the representative authors and their works, with a

well-selected bibliography. It starts with the concept, origin and features

of nature writing, and goes into details about these authors, from John

Smith, William Bradford, Jonathan Edwards and William Bartram of the

New World Era, to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, to female

writers of Susan F. Cooper, Celia Thaxter and Mabel Osgood Wright, and

to Terry Tempest Williams and Gary Snyder of the times.

Its motif is to tell a story of the land, to explore the atlas of the human

soul and of nature, and to chronicle a literature that blends history of

nature with that of human development.

About the Author

Cheng Hong, PhD in literature, Professor of English at Capital University of Economics and Business, has a particular interest in American nature writing and has written and translated several books on the topic. Her works of translation include Wake-Robin , Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Places , The Outermost House, and The Singing Wilderness.