Open the Door to Immune System
Qin Zhihai

This book is a beginners' guide to Immunology written by a scientist, not only introduced the components, function and action principle of human immune system, but also looked back upon the colorful academic careers of many Nobel Prize winners. 

About the Author

"Qin Zhihai, principal investigator, doctoral supervisor, professor of the Hundred-Talent Program (Chinese Academy of Sciences), chief scientist of the National research program 973 Project, member of standing committee of the Tumor Immunology and Biological Therapy Branch of the Chinese Society for Immunology, editorial board member of Frontiers in Immunology, Cell Biochemistry & Function, Emerging Microbes and Infections, Chinese Journal of Cancer Research (English), Chinese Journal of Immunology. Gu Xuan, Ph.D. of Tsinghua University. "