FLTRP’s International Partners Speak Highly of China’s Efforts against Covid-19


On May 5 and 9, 2020, CCTV broadcast interviews with FLTRP’s two international partners - Adam Marszalek, General Manager of Time Marszalek Group and Mohan Kalsi, President of BKM Royalcollins Publishers - in which they spoke highly of China’s efforts against Covid-19 outbreak.


Mr. Marszalek praised China’s role in sharing its experience on controlling the epidemic and doing what it can to help and support other countries in epidemic response. He was leading his team to translate China’s successful measures into Polish, so as to benefit those needed in Poland.


 (CCTV live screen shot)

Mr. Kalsi thought that China’s action has fully demonstrated a keen sense of responsibility as a world power. His company will cooperate with Chinese experts on publishing titles with regard to Covid-19 prevention and control in both English and Hindi, for introducing China’s experience to more readers.


                                                                                                    (CCTV live screen shot)


Besides, Angus Phillips, Director of the Confucius Institute at Oxford Brookes University recorded a video expressing his sympathies to those who are impacted by the epidemic. He wished the world return to normal work and life at an early date.