FLTRP Online Solutions are Freely Accessible to Support Online Teaching and Learning


Under the MOE’s policy of “Class suspended but teaching and learning continues”, FLTRP quickly responded and made its online resources freely accessible to teachers and students. FLTRP is offering free and downloadable resources and platforms such as “Unipus Foreign Language Teaching Solutions”, New Concept English Audio, Beiwai Online Online Courses to support the teaching and learning of the schools across the country.

Unipus (Waiyan Online) has been offering free access to the supplementary materials for FLTRP college foreign language textbooks since late January to support home learning, online teaching and self-developing. Up to 2nd March, 4,913,848 people have visited the U-school and U-MOOC and 30,537,517 people have had remote learning on the platforms.

To meet the needs from basic education, FLTRP basic education digital center is offering free access to FLTRP e-textbooks and readers, alongside with more than 360 lessons for teacher development. Up to 2nd March, 716,713 people have visited the platform and 7,456,983 people have had remote learning on the platform.

Always bearing in mind the responsibility of bringing better resource and service to every school and every user, we are committed to providing more online resources through stable online systems and platforms to support our customers in this special period.