FLTRP Annual Conference on 2019 Summary and 2020 Work Deployment Held Successfully


On April 29, 2020, FLTRP Annual Conference on 2019 Summary and 2020 Work Deployment was held successfully at FLTRP headquarters. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the conference was conducted in a combination of "online + offline". The on-site guests and attendees include Prof. Yuan Jun, Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University, FLTRP Emeritus President Mr. Li Pengyi, Editor-in-Chief Mr. Xu Jianzhong, Party Secretary Ms. Wang Fang, the other members of the leadership, senior editors and employee representatives. The rest of staff attended the conference through live stream.


The on-site conference

Prof. Yuan Jun highly appreciated the achievements of FLTRP since its establishment 40 years ago, and also congratulated the company’s achievements in 2019: the net book delivery was 3.61 billion RMB; the total revenue was 3.021 billion RMB (a year-on-year increase of 15%); and the revenue of 9 business units in FLTRP exceeded 100 million RMB.



Prof. Yuan Jun is delivering a speech.

“Increased influence, high-speed development, rapid growth", Mr. Xu Jianzhong summarized FLTRP's operating performance in 2019. He stressed that FLTRP’s social and cultural influence has been greatly increased, with a rapid growth of its all-around businesses and customers, both online and offline. Mr. Xu Jianzhong then announced the goals and tasks in 2020: accelerating digitalization, building an integrated solution for foreign language education, continuing to establish a reading system, strengthening academic publishing, exploring cultural and creative business, and deepening international cooperation.


Mr. Xu Jianzhong is summarizing 2019 work and deploying 2020 work.