The National Intellectual Property Administration Gives Strong Protection to the Well-known Trademark of FLTRP


On 26 April, 2020, typical cases of trademark objection and review in 2019 were officially released in the "Online Open Day" activity organized by the National Intellectual Property Administration. Cui Shoudong, Director General of Trademark Bureau, announced the top ten typical cases of trademark objections and reviews in 2019 where FLTRP’s trademark objection ranked first among all the cases.

The case of FLTRP’s trademark objection is that FLTRP raised an objection to the National Intellectual Property Administration against the registration of FLTRP trademark by Shenzhen Xiaotiancai Electronics Co., Ltd. Reviewed then announced by the National Intellectual Property Administration, the evidence submitted by FLTRP can prove that the trademark of FLTRP (No. 4831675) registered and used by the opponent on the goods of "books and printed publications" has a high popularity through long-term use and extensive publicity and is well-known by the public.

This case shows the administrative organizations’ determination to protect the well-known trademarks and maintain the market environment of fair competition. The essence of well-known trademark system is a legal protection system for high-profile trademarks. In this case, from the perspective of trademark popularity, the similarity between the two trademarks, the possibility of public confusion, etc., the administrative organization considered it’s quite necessary to legally and officially protect FLTRP trademark by recognizing its popularity among the Chinese foreign language book market, and safeguarding the brand value, in order to promote the development of brand economy in China.