Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) was founded by the Beijing Foreign Studies University.


Beijing Foreign Languages Audio-Visual Press was founded. FLTRP signed the first international license agreement with Oxford University Press to publish Oxford Elementary Learner's Dictionary of English and Practical English Usage.


Li Pengyi was appointed Vice President of FLTRP by the Beijing Foreign Studies University.


Li Pengyi was appointed President of FLTRP and the Beijing Foreign Languages Audio-Visual Press. FLTRP Bookstore started to operate.


The first FLTRP Information Centre, the Northeast Information Centre, was set up. Up to 2009 there are altogether 16 Information Centres established across the country.


Beijing Foreign Languages Audio-Visual Press was merged with FLTRP, with Li Pengyi serving as President and Editor-in-Chief.


FLTRP signed the agreement with Longman to adapt New Concept English for the China market, which ushered in a new era of international cooperation.


FLTRP acquired the Beijing Silver Disk Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., which marked the beginning of FLTRP's electronic publishing. FLTRP Tower was completed and has since become known as the "No. 1 Publishing Building in China".


FLTRP started publishing for the college English market.


FLTRP started publishing English textbooks for primary and secondary schools.


FLTRP invested in the Beijing Pacific Century Info-Tech to start online education services.


FLTRP and Macmillan Education jointly compiled and published New Standard English, the first complete set of English textbooks based on the new curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education. FLTRP published New Interchange, an English course book licensed from Cambridge University Press which has become a nationwide bestseller.


FLTRP Chinese Language and World Cultures Publishing Department was set up, which marked FLTRP's entry into Chinese Publishing.


FLTRP International Convention Centre went into operation, which has a floor space of 100,000 square meters.


President Li Pengyi was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Publishing by Oxford Brookes University, for "leading the modernization of Chinese publishing" and for his prominent role "in the spread of English language across all levels of Chinese education in recent years".


FLTRP online distribution platform went into operation. E-plus and FLTRP Training Centre began to enroll students. Everyday Chinese was launched at Beijing International Book Fair, and FLTRP signed the global co-publishing agreement with Thomson Learning at the 58th Frankfurt Book Fair, which marked FLTRP's progress in implementing of the "going global" strategy.


President Li Pengyi was appointed Party Secretary and Vice President of the China Publishing Group (CPG) in April, and Executive Vice President Yu Chunchi succeeded him as FLTRP President in May. Li Pengyi maintains his connection with FLTRP by serving as the President Emeritus. FLTRP inaugurated the ERP project to update its management system.


FLTRP ERP management system went into operation after seven months of development.


FLTRP became the sole owner of the Beijing Pacific Century Info-Tech, which is renamed "Beiwai Online" after restructuring.

This year is the 30th Anniversary of FLTRP.



President Yu Chunchi was appointed Deputy General Manager of China Education Publishing and Media Holdings Co., Ltd. in April. Editor-in-Chief Cai Jianfeng succeeded him as FLTRP President, and Vice President Xu Jianzhong succeeded Cai as FLTRP Editor-in-chief in June.
FLTRP restructured more than 9000 titles into clear cut-out and coherent product lines, making it easier for readers to choose books more suitable for their individual needs. The online reading service platform iyangcong.com was launched and the Study Guides Publishing Department was set up which marked FLTRP’s entry into all education disciplines.
Reading Season - FLTRP reading brand was launched, providing all-round reading solutions for readers of all ages.
FLTRP set up its first overseas subsidiary company in UK, FLTRP (UK) Limited.
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