“China Academic Library” Makes its Debut at BEA

On May 28th, 2015, two high-end academic exchange forums were held during BookExpo America, with China being its guest of honor, at which Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), Springer and University of Hawaii Press gathered together. The parties focused on “academic China” and jointly discussed “cultural self-awareness”. Experts from both countries together witnessed the first release of three new works of “China Academic Library” by FLTRP and Springer: Globalization and Cultural Self-Awareness by Fei Xiaotong, Degrees of Affinity: Studies in Comparative Literature and Translation by Wang Zuoliang, and Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese Culture by Tang Yijie.

Attended guests included Chen Yingming, Counsel of Department of Publication Importation, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China (SAPPRFT), Zhang Qiyue, Chinese Consul-General to New York City, Li Liyan, Cultural Counsellor of the Consulate General, Wang Li, son of Wang Zuoliang and Curator of Brown University East Asian Library, Guy Salvatore Alitto, sinologist and professor from History Department of the University of Chicago, and Tang Shuang, son of TangYijie. With the theme “Academic China and Cultural Self-Awareness”, a splendid academic dialogue was presented to readers both at home and abroad.

In addition, the premiere of the English edition of Cosmology and Logic in the Dao of Changes, the first product from the strategic cooperation between FLTRP and University of Hawaii Press, was also launched on the same day. Michael Duckworth, Director of University of Hawaii Press, Ma Baoshan, author of the book and Dean of Huaxia International Yi Dao Research Institute and Huaxia Yi Ming Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Cheng Zhongying, professor from Philosophy Department of the University of Hawaii, and Wen Haiming, Vice President of School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China, attended the event together with other guests.


The three new works of FLTRP-Springer “China Academic Library” met with international audiences for the first time at this year’s BEA. Globalization and Cultural Self-Awareness includes Fei Xiaotong’s essays, speeches, and dialogues on cultural issues in his later years, trying to solve “the problem for all mankind”, that “how to achieve harmony among various civilizations”. Degrees of Affinity: Studies in Comparative Literature and Translation contains Wang Zuoliang’s comparative literature classics, highlighting the corresponding relationship between Chinese and Western literature in the 20th century. Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese Culture is the Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese philosophical culture themed omnibus of Tang Yijie, the late senior professor of humanities and social sciences of Peking University, providing international scholars with rich cultural perspectives on Chinese philosophy study.


FLTRP-Springer “China Academic Library” is a strategic cooperation project launched by the two publishers in August 2012, aiming at translating the excellent traditional Chinese culture and the most representative classics of contemporary China into English and introducing them to readers around the world. The project was known as a landmark event for Chinese academic classics “going out”.


 “Theme on China, Spread across the World” is the ultimate purpose of FLTRP in exporting books. Building the strategic cooperation with the University of Hawaii Press, FLTRP’s publishing the English version of Cosmology and Logic in the Dao of Changes was also a powerful attempt to show the world the essence of Chinese culture.

The “American debut” of a number of academic works has drawn public attentions. The significance of “cultural self-awareness” was discussed in the international context. Actually, it is a representation of culture consciousness for China’s attempt to bring academic publishing to the world. Cai Jianfeng, President of FLTRP, said: “Based on ‘tradition’, and through ‘cooperation and communication’, China’s academic publishing along with its ‘bringing in and going out’’ triggers new interactions between various civilizations. We would like to shoulder the social responsibilities of building cultural consciousness and cultural confidence together with fellows at home and abroad.”


 “Being the two largest economies in the world today, it is an irresistible trend for China and America to carry out all-round cultural exchanges. I believe, the series of Chinese academic works selected, translated and published by FLTRP will become excellent cultural products favored by readers in both countries, and will be regarded as a classic move in the history of Sino-American cultural communication.” said Li Liyan, Cultural Counsellor of the Consulate General.

With multi-language publishing as its advantage and international gene inherent in its nature, FLTRP has been practicing the “going out” strategy for many years. So far, it has published books in 47 languages. Many jointly published books, such as New Concept English and Bookworm, have already become well-known names among language learners. Besides, the press has been keeping active partnership with nearly 500 publishers all over the world, such as Macmillan and Pearson Education. However, “These are far from enough” in FLTRP’s eyes. As said by Cai Jianfeng: “We have been exploring on the road of internalization for over 30 years, and now we are poised for a qualitative change, a leaping and a breaking-through.”


FLTRP believes that “localization” is truly the effective way to go out. In the future, FLTRP will work closely with the North American publishing market, further strengthen the strategic partnership with Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill and other large well-known American educational publishers, and steadily promote resource acquisition. Building an “overseas center for FLTRP in North America” has also already been put on the agenda. Only with the realization of “institution localization, staff localization and content localization”, can FLTRP gradually achieve a more accurate positioning of products and target readers, and thus provide best products and services to learners and readers in both China and the US.




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