Easy Ways to Teach Chinese: A Practical Guide for Chinese Teaching in the U.S.

Ren Guoping

Language and Children—Making the Match: New Languages for Young Learners has been widely welcomed by language teachers since it was published by the International Chinese Publishing Center of FLTRP. On this basis, we hope to enrich the products of T...

An Introduction to Practical Thai

Wu Yinghui

An Introduction to Practical Thai is a short-term training textbook for learners who are going to work or learn in Thailand, especially for Chinese language teachers or learners. Based on the needs of people who work, live or study in Thailand, the t...

Theme-based Teaching: A Guidebook for Chinese Teachers in Second Language Classrooms

Anne K. Soderman, Li Yun, Jia Pujiang

• Compiled cooperatively by famous American child-education specialist Anne K. Soderman and two Chinese teachers Li Jun and Jia Pujiang from Beijing Shunyi International School in the aim of introducing practical theme-based teaching skills to TCSL ...

Understanding Intercultural Misunderstandings Between Chinese and American Cultures: Applying the Performed-Culture Approach

Qin Xizhen

Nowadays, foreign language teaching is not only to cultivate learners' language ability, but also to help them gain the ability of cross-cultural communication. Just under such a background, Galal Walker (Wu Weike), a professor at Ohio State Universi...

Task-based Language Teaching Approach's Updated Ideas and TCSOL

Rod Ellis

The content of the Task-based Language Teaching Approach's Updated Ideas and TCSOL is from the four speech articles which were delivered by Rod Ellis at the "International Mainstream Language Teaching Approach's Senior Workshop" held by the Internati...

Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching and TCSOL

Michael Byram

The four texts of the Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching and TCSOL are based on the lectures given by Professor Byram at the “Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching and International Chinese Language Education Senior Workshop” hel...

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