Theme-based Teaching: Guidebook for Chinese Teachers in Second Language Classrooms

Anne K. Soderman, Li Yun, Jia Pujiang

• Compiled cooperatively by famous American child-education specialist Anne K. Soderman and two Chinese teachers Li Jun and Jia Pujiang from Beijing Shunyi International School in the aim of introducing practical theme-based teaching skills to TCSL ...

Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language

Wu Zhongwei

Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language—Language Skills mainly discusses the theory and practice of Chinese teaching skills and it analyzes the teaching principles, methods and skills for listening, speaking, reading and writing and leads the student...

Second Language Acquisition

Zhao Yang

Second Language Acquisition introduces the background of discipline, it shows different perspectives and key subjects of second language acquisition research, this book also explains the second language acquisition research methods and current resear...

Case Studies on Teaching Chinese Overseas

Ye Jun

The cases in Case Studies on Teaching Chinese Overseas involves a wide range of factors, such as Chinese language teaching and language skills teaching, Chinese teaching methods, teaching management of Chinese language, Chinese teaching resources, sp...

Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language—Language Elements

Mao Yue

Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language—Language Elements introduces the basic knowledge and basic theories in Chinese language and emphasizes the teaching methodology, teaching skills and the probable problems based on abundant amount of examples in...

Intercultural Communication

Zu Xiaomei

Intercultural Communication aims to improve the intercultural competence of international Chinese language teachers. The contents include values, language communication, nonverbal communication, cross-cultural adaptation, cross-cultural interpersonal...

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