Traditional Chinese Gardens: Where Man and Nature Are One

Chen Congzhou

Traditional Chinese Gardens: Where Man and Nature Are One is the first sizeable English edition of writings garnered from Chen Congzhou' s encyclopedic oeuvre on classical Chinese gardens. In this book' s first section, “Aesthetics of Garden Making...

Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture 1

Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture are concepts and keywords or phrases Chinese people have created or come to use that are fundamentally pertinent to Chinese philosophy, humanistic, spirit, way of thinking and values.• This series has 9 vo...

Confucius' Wisdom—Learn to Be A World Class Leader (English Edition)

Casper Shih

Interpreting the leadership principles contained in the Analects of Confucius from the perspective of modern people. Combining the critical thinking skills promoted in the Analects of Confucius with modern leadership. Elaborating on the essential qua...

Thus Spoke Laozi

Charles Q. Wu

Dao De Jing is not only a book of ideas but a work of literary art. It has probably been translated into the English language more often than any other piece of world literature. This new translation of Dao De Jing is for all readers who wish to take...

Insights into Chinese Culture (Simplized Edition)(2nd Edition)

Ye Lang, Zhu Liangzhi

For readers both at home and abroad who have some basic knowledge of the Chinese language and are interested in Chinese culeture. Detailed and vivid introduction to certain unique features and highlights of Chinese culture, enclosing 37 chapters(e.g....

Chinese Characters (English Edition)

Feng Zhiwei, Zhan Hongwei

Chinese character is an important part and the carrier of Chinese culture; It is also one of the difficulties in teaching Chinese as a second language. For anyone who is learning or teaching Chinese characters, for anyone who is interested in the Chi...

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