Chinese Idioms (Chinese-Malay)

Goh Sang Seong

Chinese Idioms (Chinese-Malay) includes about 2500 Chinese idioms that cover a variety of topics. Each entry contains original texts in Chinese with pinyin, and corresponding Malay translations and explanations. All idioms are arranged in alphabetic ...

The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese (3rd Edition)

Li Xingjian

• Standard advocator: compiled in strict accordance with the national language standards. • Rich in content: showing an overall picture of the contemporary Chinese vocabulary of 72,000 entries and over 80,000 examples. • Emphasis on usage: analyse...

The Standard Contemporary Chinese Characters Dictionary (3rd Edition)

•Standard advocator: compiled in strict accordance with the national language standards.•Medium-sized: 14,000 characters frequently used in daily communication and basic education.•Teachingaid: 2,300 usage notes elaborating on confusing characters...

A Learner's Chinese Dictionary ( English Edition )

For learners of Chinese at the beginning level with English as their native language. Including 3,000 Chinese characters and 8,800 frequently-used words. Providing the order and number of strokes, together with the radical of each character. All the ...

A Handbook of Chinese Synonym

Cai Shaowei

Key Features: 1)1600 confusing synonyms in 725 pairs selected from the daily communication of overseas students; 2)Each pair consisting of three modules as Similarity and Difference, Example Sentences and Exercises; 3)Analysing similarities and diffe...

The Learner's Dictionary of Chinese Idioms

For both native and non-native learners and teachers of Chinese at intermediate level.A collection of over 10,000 commonly-used idioms and set phrases.Including accurate Chinese pinyin, precisede definitions, and rich examples.Multi-functional and us...

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