The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese (3rd Edition)

Li Xingjian

• Standard advocator: compiled in strict accordance with the national language standards. • Rich in content: showing an overall picture of the contemporary Chinese vocabulary of 72,000 entries and over 80,000 examples. • Emphasis on usage: analyse...

The Standard Contemporary Chinese Characters Dictionary (3rd Edition)

•Standard advocator: compiled in strict accordance with the national language standards.•Medium-sized: 14,000 characters frequently used in daily communication and basic education.•Teachingaid: 2,300 usage notes elaborating on confusing characters...

A Learner's Chinese Dictionary ( English Edition )

For learners of Chinese at the beginning level with English as their native language. Including 3,000 Chinese characters and 8,800 frequently-used words. Providing the order and number of strokes, together with the radical of each character. All the ...

A Handbook of Chinese Synonym

Cai Shaowei

Key Features: 1)1600 confusing synonyms in 725 pairs selected from the daily communication of overseas students; 2)Each pair consisting of three modules as Similarity and Difference, Example Sentences and Exercises; 3)Analysing similarities and diffe...

The Learner's Dictionary of Chinese Idioms

For both native and non-native learners and teachers of Chinese at intermediate level.A collection of over 10,000 commonly-used idioms and set phrases.Including accurate Chinese pinyin, precisede definitions, and rich examples.Multi-functional and us...

Concise Chinese Dictionary (Cambodian Edition)

• Concise Chinese Dictionary series includes bilingual dictionariese specially designed for elementary Chinese learners which can be used for both Chinese to foreign languages and foreign languages to Chinese. • There are about 4,000 entries in Chi...

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