A Chinese-English Dictionary (3rd Edition)

For English teachers, translators, college students and advanced learners over 100,000 entries. Detailed definitions for terms of Chinese cultural traditions or Chinese characteristics with standard Chinese Pinyin and accurate English paraphrases. On...

A Modern English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary

For college students and advanced learners Over 38,000 entries in English-Chinese part, with both British and American spellings and pronunciations. Over 53,000 entries in Chinese-English part, including 10,000 new ones A two-way dictionary, convenie...

FLTRP Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary

For both English and Chinese learners at elementary and intermediate levels. A two-way dictionary with concise explanations. More than 60,000 entries, phrases and compounds in English-Chinese part, with over 1,000 new words and senses. More than 40,0...

A New Century Chinese-English Dictionary

For translators, interpreters and language learners. 140,000 entries, including over 20,000 new words and senses Labeling part-of-speech for all entries. Plenty of examples to illustrate usages and collocations 19 practical appendices covering a wide...

FLTRP Elementary English-Chinese Chinese- English Dictionary

• For children aged from 5 to 15. • Including nearly 300 notes providing encyclopedic information and 200 notes on English usage.• With about 2,000 entries in each part, English-Chinese and Chinese-English.

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