Globalization and Cultural Self-awareness: Selected Works of Fei Xiaotong’s Later Years (Chinese edition)

Fei Hsiao-tung

Includes the culture-theme essays, speeches and dialogues of Fei Xiaotong's later years and tries to solve the problems caused by civilizations' variety of all mankind; Different from Huntington's idea of "The Clash of Civilization," Fei suggests to ...

When I Was There—Selected Speeches of Fu Ying (Bilingual)

Fu Ying

A collection of 20 speeches, most made on Fu Ying's post as Ambassador to Australia and the UK, along with five articles and three interviews on major UK media, addressing the relationship between China and the West and presenting a true China in cle...

An Historical Geography of Peiping (Chinese edition)

Hou Renzhi

The first monograph to explore the origin and development of a city with the method of historical geography in China; A meticulous study of Beijing geography based on historical documents and field work; With fifty-four four-color original maps drawn...

Han Civilization (Bilingual)

Wang Zhongshu

Masterfully summarizes the important archaeological data pertaining to the Han civilization; Reconstructs a prospect of the life in China some two thousand years ago in a text-cum-picture fashion; English translation by the renowned archaeologist Kwa...

The Dragon Beards Versus the Blueprints —Symposium on Contemporary Chinese Literature (Bilingual)

Xiao Qian

Displays the author's deep contemplations on the grand themes such as cultural exchanges between China and the West, the relationship between literature and war, and so on. The author's convincing judgment of the status and tendency of Western litera...

Imperfect Understanding (Bilingual)

Wen Yuanning

A selection of 43 pieces of English biographies originally published on the special column of the English weekly newspaper The China Critic , with Jiang Feng's fine translations; Short sketches of impressions about celebrities like Wu Mi, Hu Shih, Hs...

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