Geniuses’ Eureka Moment

Cao Zexian

This book, written by a physicist, contains 30 short stories to describe the great moments or discoveries by important physicists and mathematicians in history, and to try to explain their inspirations and ideas.

Chasing After the Quasars

He Xiangtao

In this book, Chinese astronomer He Xiangtao introduces the amazing features of quasars, the discoveries of the quasars and the methods to research quasars to the reader, which includes how the quasars were discovered, how to nd and observe them, and...

From Ape to Man

Wu Xinzhi

Based on scientific findings, this book explores the devlopment of paleoanthropology in the past centuries and the timeline of human evolution. The leading author Wu Xinzhi, an academician of Chinese Academy of Science, is one of the proponents of mu...

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